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Senator Forde tells new police officers to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

Senator Forde tells new police officers to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing


The latest batch of police officers to pass out from the Police Training School have been given the responsibility of showing society that members of the local constabulary are not the beasts of the nation.{{more}}

The officers were given this charge by Senator Rochelle Forde as she delivered the feature address at the 28th Passing Out Parade of Recruits of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force last Thursday, October 15, at the Old Montrose Police Training School.

“You have a duty to change the negative perception that exists of law enforcement officers…You must, by your conduct and execution of your duties remove this from the minds of persons,” she implored.

Forde, a lawyer by profession, is of the view that most persons in St Vincent and the Grenadines understand the role of the police. however, there are some who have less than favourable opinions of the establishment. “The police officers are keepers of the peace and the protectors of the public…this is the image that the public should hold of you,” Forde said.

She urged the officers not to view the journey upon which they have embarked as a popularity contest and advised them to be cautious of the persons with whom they associate. “Certain persons are going to want to be your friends now that you are in this position…you must be careful of wolves in sheep clothing and never let your guard down as police officers,” she exhorted.

Forde also told the graduates that it is important that they do not miss the opportunity to vote in the upcoming referendum on the proposed new constitution. She advised them to read the document in its entirety so that they would be in a position to educate others. (KW)