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Questelles Police Officers get new home

Questelles Police Officers get new home


Police Officers at the old Questelles Police Station should count themselves lucky that they only have one more week in a building which could have exposed them to several diseases.{{more}}

Minister of Health and the Environment and Area Representative for South Leeward Dr. Douglas Slater said he had always feared that there could be an outbreak of disease at that police station.

The officers will be transferred to the new Questelles Police Station on November 1, 2009.

“There were signs of vermin, and I always feared that one day you might have an outbreak of some disease, especially leptospirosis. When I looked at the cupboards, there were signs of a lot of cockroaches and rats,” said Slater. He noted that he took the matter to Cabinet and it was agreed that a new police station should be built for the officers.

The Health and Environment Minister stated that he was amazed to see the conditions that the officers were working under when he visited the building a few years ago.

Slater said during his tenure, he has dedicated his efforts towards getting a proper location for the construction of the new police station.

He said he, therefore, encouraged one of his friends, Bernard Sutherland, to sell a portion of his land to the Government.

Today, besides the police station, a Learning Resource Centre has also been built on the land sold by Sutherland.

“I am pleased to be the representative. I am pleased to be a part of the government that when we say we going to do something we deliver, and today is another day we are delivering for the community,” said Slater.

The Area Representative said now that the officers will be located in better facilities he believes security in the community will be enhanced.(HN)