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Digicel workers attend team building session

Digicel workers attend  team building session


In their continued effort to make sure that customers get the quality service they deserve, Digicel held a team-building seminar on Sunday.{{more}}

The seminar, which took place at the Grenadine House in Kingstown Park, heard from, among other persons, the Human Resource Manager for Digicel in the Organization for Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Joylyn DeFreitas. All of Digicel’s local staff members attended the whole day event.

According to DeFreitas, “We did a communication workshop in terms of looking at the different communication styles within the organization specifically in this office”.

DeFreitas said that one of the aims of the seminar was “to improve on the day to day communication skills of the employees”. She revealed that Digicel is hoping to make the event “part of the yearly calendar to help persons get to the next level in terms of their development and growth”.

DeFreitas added: “I think these functions work because what we do internally also transcend in terms of how we interact with our customers because our customers may perceive us to be one way whereby in fact that is not how we are trying to communicate.” She said the local staff reacted well to the training as “they came with an open mind, and I knew that they left with a few things that I hope they would bring into the workplace”.