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C W Prescod puts value on local food

C W Prescod puts value on local food


Pupils of the C.W. Prescod Primary School now have a better appreciation of the value of local foods.{{more}}

Last Friday, the school held its annual exhibition in celebration of World Food Day under the theme “Achieving Food Security in times of crisis.”

Headteacher Hyacinth Harry explained that the main aim of the exhibition was to sensitize the students about the importance of locally produced foods.

“What I picked up on is that a lot of our students think that what is imported is better than what is made locally,” Harry said, adding that many students prefer junk foods to healthier foods.

“We really need to market what we have and make them (students) aware of the value of our local foods.’’

At the school’s general assembly, Harry spoke to the children about the nutritive value of foods like peas, beans and fruits filled with Vitamin C which help to build the immune system.

The foods on display at the exhibition included products from manufacturers such as ECGC, Bottlers Limited and St. Vincent Brewery Limited.

Local fruits, ground provisions, vegetables and cakes, pastries and puddings were also displayed.

Harry said that the pupils and their parents assisted in the collection of the items on display. Prior to the event, the students were also taught about the operations of the featured manufacturers.

The general public was invited to view the exhibition and purchase the exhibits. Sales from the exhibition will assist with funding school projects.

The school has several other activities planned for this year, including the twentieth anniversary celebration and cultural and reading extravaganzas.

World Food Day was established in 1979 by the Food and Agriculture Organisation member countries at the Organization’s 20th General Conference. It is celebrated all over the world every year on October 16. (OS)