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Bowman gives SVG special Independence Vintage Vincy gift

Bowman gives SVG special Independence Vintage Vincy gift


Vincentians have been given a special gift this Independence from Lennox Bowman, one of this country’s top business executives and entertainers.{{more}}

Bowman will be releasing a compilation of 10 calypso renditions in an album dubbed “Vintage Vincy”. Despite their popularity, these tracks were never recorded in a studio.

Hence, unlike his previous albums on which he was a lead vocalist, on “Vintage Vincy”, Bowman provides background vocals along with Shaunelle McKenzie.

The vocals for this collection of songs dating back to the 1970s were done mainly by veteran calypsonians: Granville “Sunblaze” Findlay, Bernard ‘E.B’ John, Johnathan “Imitator” Williams, Fatty Dan, Gao, and younger entertainers Abby and Salty.

While John provided vocals for one of his original hits called “Handbag”, he also supplied vocals for the tune “Willard” previously sung by Professor in 1981. Professor is now deceased.

Vocals were also done by Abby who sang “Tiger Shark” in the place of Phoenix who is also dead.

Vocals for “Largo Height Busy” sung in 1976 by the late Errol “King Brooklyn” Dublin were done this time around by calypsonian Salty.

Other popular tunes included on the album are: “Result of Rum” by Sunblaze; “Bad Policeman” by Imitator; “Career Guidance – Fatty Dan; This Ya Meat – Gao; Lonesome Road – Sunblaze, and Juk She – Gao.

Bowman described this undertaking as a special project “dear to (his) heart”.

He said the venture, which he financed personally, was done to document history. He noted that some of the greatest calypsos sung by some of the country’s premiere artistes were never properly produced and could have been lost in time.

“I thought we needed to preserve our culture, preserve the calypso, so that future generations could share these gems,” said Bowman, adding that he was sure they will bring back fond memories to people who will listen to them.

Bowman expressed deep appreciation for the contribution made by Kamal Archibald, the producer at Sound Domain Studio.

“I was really impressed by the interest, time, and support he gave to this project,” said Bowman.

He also used the opportunity to thank his wife Andrea and close friend Joel Providence for their support, as well as the artistes who collaborated on the project.

Bowman promised that this album is only Volume 1 of a series and lovers of calypso and culture can look forward to him capturing similar songs on other projects each year.

In the meantime persons wishing to get a copy of “Vintage Vincy” can do so at all record shops here and at other advertized outlets. (HN)