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NIS launches new web-based service

NIS launches new web-based service


Customers of the National Insurance Services (NIS) can now submit their monthly contributions using a modern web-based system.{{more}}

The wage reporting system, which was launched on Tuesday, October 13, 2009, at the NIS conference room, allows employers to submit their employees’ contributions online in an easier, less time-consuming manner.

Speaking at the launch, Chairman of the NIS Board Lennox Bowman said that Information Technology (IT) plays a vital role in the delivery of services to both internal and external customers. Bowman lauded the NIS IT staff, which produced e-Submit, and said the software was among the best in the country and the region. The system, he said, also assists the NIS when they are called upon to provide statistics to local, regional and international organizations.

Bowman explained that eighty per cent of employees were employed by twenty per cent of employers. By processing contributions electronically, NIS and its customers will benefit greatly in terms of proper data collection and storage.

A survey done by the NIS revealed that most employers do not have a payroll system or an electronic programme to document contributions. The IT staff, in 2006, was called upon to produce an effective system for wage reporting, hence the e-Submit was produced.

Bowman said the web-based application will reduce overheads and increase efficiency and productivity for its users.

Echoing Bowman’s comments, Executive Director of the NIS Reginald Thomas said that the system will enhance data collection. He also reassured the stakeholders present of the system’s benefits: “It’s easy, it’s safe, reliable, it costs nothing…it gives stakeholders the cutting edge that they need,” he said.

Minister of Telecommunications Science, Technology and Industry Dr. Jerrol Thompson also spoke at the conference and applauded the work of the IT staff. He said the system showed the way that things should be done in the future.

During the conference, the new NIS website was presented as well as a tutorial on the use of the e-Submit system.

The user-friendly system is available to all employers who have up to two hundred employees and do not have a payroll system. Employers who wish to use the system must apply to the NIS. Applications can be done on the website and NIS personnel will be available to work along with employers who wish to use the system.