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Headquarters for Yes Vote officially opens

Headquarters for Yes Vote officially opens


Riding the wave of the momentum created by the official launch of the Yes Vote campaign the night before, the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines opened its Yes Vote headquarters to much fanfare on Monday, October 12.{{more}}

Situated at the corner of James and Granby Streets, uptown Kingstown, this building is expected to be a hive of activity for the next seven weeks, as the campaign goes into high gear.

Director of Operations of the campaign Julian Francis indicated that the building, formerly the Ju-c bottling plant, will house the database operations for the campaign, to give assistance and information on what is expected of voters on referendum day.

From this location, the 300 canvassers, whose duty it is to educate and persuade persons on the campaign’s cause, will be given directives.

The canvassers, of various ages, will be conducting a door-to-door campaign, which Francis said is expected to reach every household in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The campaign’s website was also launched on Monday. The site: is expected to guide individuals on the campaign’s objectives, through education on the old and proposed constitution.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who gave the feature address at the launch of the operations centre, cut the ribbon to officially declare the building open.

The centre officially began operations on Tuesday morning.(JJ)

Yes Vote Campaign activities continue this weekend

The Yes Vote Campaign moves into the Ottley Hall area this evening, in what has been described as a Banner Blocko and Lime. This will provide the residents in that area with an opportunity to interact with government officials and members of the CRSC team, where questions related to the 2009 Constitution can be addressed in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Yes Vote Committee is currently making final plans for a National Rally slated for the Sharpes area in Chateaubelair, this Sunday, October 18th 2009.