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BRAGSA promises top quality service

BRAGSA promises top quality service


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) Brian George has promised that Vincentians will soon see an improvement in the maintenance of public infrastructure.{{more}}

George was speaking at BRAGSA’s first press conference on Tuesday, at the Authority’s new headquarters at Lower Bay Street.

Accompanied by some of the members of his senior management team and Minister of Transportation and Works Clayton Burgin, George indicated that his institution was ready to fulfill its mandate, which is to provide quality service.

“BRAGSA is now fully operational and responsible for the maintenance of all roads, buildings and public infrastructure. Request for repairs and similar functions are now forward directly to BRAGSA.”

“Our focus in the upcoming months would be on improving the level of service which is presently provided and ensuring that essential services continue in a satisfactory manner.”

The Authority, which officially came into being in July this year, replaces the General Equipment and Services Corporation (GESCO), taking over the defunct company’s responsibilities, which includes the sale of fuel to government and the mining operations at Rabacca, Diamond, Brighton and Belle Isle.

The Authority is divided into four divisions: Infrastructure Services, Human Resource Administration, Finance and Commercial Operations, which according to George, will be headed by a young vibrant and talented senior team.

Some of these persons were present at the press conference and included Finance Manager Susan Samuel, Manager of Infrastructure Kenyatta Alleyne and Human Resources and Administration Manager Phyllis James.

The Authority is further staffed by, among other persons, some of the former employees of GESCO.

Minister Burgin addressed this issue, saying that those who were not brought over to the new entity were duly remunerated, while others are to be paid soon.

“Just last week I took the package for those persons who were made redundant to Cabinet so that Cabinet can approve their payment in the quickest time possible.”

“Those persons who have been made redundant, they are still on a list so that if there are certain jobs to be done and their service is needed, they can be contacted.”

It is expected that at final count, the total workforce of the Authority will be close to 250 workers.

The Minister noted that although there would be areas where the Authority would have shortcomings in its early stages, he has confidence that the management team would perform its duties to the best of its ability.

“I must say that some of our workers have changed a lot since getting to this authority… because the more efficiently we work, it’s the more speedily we will get things done and we won’t have to have all these criticisms from the general public. I think within the short space of time they have been doing a wonderful job.”

The CEO indicated that he too was aware that the task entrusted to the Authority would not be an easy one, but assured the public that his organization would be working extremely hard to maintain top quality service.

“We want to engage the general public especially on any matter which they consider relevant – help us to be of service to you; a blocked drain, material being stolen from a job site, one of our vehicles being driven recklessly, we welcome all calls.”

According to George, the organization is currently looking at innovative ways to execute its mandate, in order to provide the best service to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (JJ)