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Dr. Gonsalves: How can Queen Elizabeth II be queen of SVG?

Dr. Gonsalves: How can Queen Elizabeth II be queen of SVG?


Queen Elizabeth II represents “an elitism, and an alien set of ideas not connected to the soul and the bosom of our people”.{{more}}

As a consequence, she should be replaced as St.Vincent and the Grenadines’ head of state.

This is the view of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

Addressing a rally on Sunday, October 4, at Rabacca, on the outskirts of Georgetown, Gonsalves said Vincentians have an opportune time in the November 25, 2009, referendum to break the restraints placed on the nation by colonialism.

During the rally, he focussed on the issue of the monarchy, one of his favourite pitches, along with the issues of the death penalty and marriage between persons of the same sex, to encourage Vincentians to vote ‘Yes’ to alter the present Constitution.

“I want all of us to get out of our head(s) the colonial idea that we can’t have our own, home grown, non-executive, head of state, called a president,” said Gonsalves.

“Queen Elizabeth II, I have met her. I have communicated with her. She is a wonderful lady and a wonderful Queen for England. But, how can the Queen of England be the Queen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines?” questioned Gonsalves, who as Prime Minister of St.Vincent and the Grenadines has sworn allegiance to the Queen and her successors on two occasions during the past eight years.

The prime minister said after the November referendum, he will not be swearing allegiance to the Queen. Instead, he will be swearing allegiance to the people of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

“What are we to tell the children that someone who is not of us holds the most elevated position in our country?” Gonsalves asked.

He told the gathering that as Vincentians they should “free (their) minds from mental slavery.” He added that colonial concepts have put a prison wall around people of this

country and we have to break them in order to be more creative and self confident.

Hingeing the latter section of his presentation on the Education Revolution that he has piloted since taking the reins of government, Gonsalves said in the 200 years of colonialism, two secondary schools were built – one for boys (the St.Vincent Grammar School) and the other for girls (The Girls’ High School). However, within the last eight years since taking the helm of this country’s executive, nine schools were built throughout the country.

Gonsalves for the umpteenth time attacked the decision by Sir James Mitchell, former Prime Minister of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, to support the ‘Vote No Campaign’.

The prime minister said every time St.Vincent and the Grenadines has to make decisions of national importance, Sir James represents backward forces that challenge the processes. (HN)