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Ten new divers join SVG Coast Guard diving team

Ten new divers join SVG Coast Guard diving team


Ten new divers have been added to the Coast Guard dive team.

They all became Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certified on Friday, September 25, 2009, having completed the PADI Open Water Dive Training by Indigo Watersports Ltd from September 8 to 16, 2009.

The programme was initially started with 11 officers, but one fell ill during the programme and had to drop out.

The certified officers are: Grayson Stephens, Adolp Adams, Mett Morgan, Peter Morris, Duran Creese, Andre Samuel, Gerald Samuel, Fitzroy Davis, Josh Hamilton and Sheavern Layne.

The objectives of the training were to teach individuals the core concepts and self rescue skills to enable them to plan and execute SCUBA dives.

Topics covered during the course included: equipment management, decompression theory and dive tables, introduction to dive medicine, triage, primary and secondary care, dive site safety including entries and exits, weather and sea condition assessment as well as environmental concerns, and basic underwater navigation skills.

The course facilitator, Kay Wilson, owner and operator of Indigo Watersports Ltd, congratulated the students on their achievement and pledged her commitment to assist the SVG Coast Guard in the continued training of its divers until they get to the level of dive master and instructor.

Dive Officer, Petty Officer Lennox Williams, while addressing the graduates, stressed the need for safety and precaution while diving. He told the new divers that as Coast Guard Divers they would be called upon to perform duties under water, with the possibility of being put in dangerous or stressful situations. He reminded them that it is important that they are prepared both physically and mentally.

The next level to be completed by divers is the Advance Open Water Training in which they will receive deep diver training, advanced underwater navigation tuition, as well as night diving, wreck diving, and advanced boat diving training, incorporating equipment for off shore diving support.