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Searchlight begins special series

Searchlight begins special series


Beginning this week, and continuing for the next 25 weeks, Searchlight will publish a series of photographs which are part of the R.M. Anderson collection.{{more}}

Robert Mowbrary St. Rose Anderson was a prominent Vincentian who was born in the late 19th century and died on July 12, 1962. During his lifetime, Anderson captured interesting facets of Vincentian life through the lens of his camera.

The photographs include scenes of early 20th century Kingstown, early residential developments, protest marches in Kingstown, religious processions, sporting activities, agriculture, family life, buildings and commercial activity.

The series – “Images of our Past – Lessons for our Future” is published as part of Searchlight’s contribution to the commemoration of our nation’s 30th anniversary of independence. Each photograph will be accompanied by an historical note which discusses what is depicted in the photograph or a theme associated with the photograph.

The series is researched and written by three Vincentian local history enthusiasts: Nelcia Robinson-Hazell, Verdine Roberts and Adrian Wyllie. This week’s feature, “From thatch to wall”, can be found on page 44. The final article in the series will feature Mr. Robert Mowbrary St. Rose Anderson himself.

We are thankful to the General Employees Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (GECCU) and the owners of the collection for their support of this project and invite members of the general public to send in additional information / comments about the photographs to