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Minister: Stop defacing schools


Minister of Urban Development and Culture René Baptiste has warned students not to deface government property.{{more}}

Baptiste, speaking at the official opening of the Dr J.P. Eustace Memorial Secondary School last Thursday in Lower Edinboro, said she had been noticing a growing trend among adolescent students of vandalising schools and altering the official uniform.

“To put it simply… you are mashing up school desks and chairs and putting graffiti on the walls, while misusing the toilets,” Baptiste noted.

Baptiste told the students that they have a responsibility to take care of the furniture, and urged parents to take charge of their children. Often times, she added, she sees students doing things that are “blatantly wrong”, but they are not corrected.

“I implore you students to adopt a new attitude with your new surroundings… Remember to respect the school’s uniform. Let us make a pledge to become a model secondary school,” the Minister pleaded.