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CDB, SVG looking to develop road maintenance programme


THE CARIBBEAN Development Bank (CDB) “is taking a serious look” at working with the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to develop a programme for improved road maintenance and upgraded regulations for road use.{{more}}

This was revealed by CDB’s Director of Projects, Carlton Gouch, during the opening of the Argyle Bypass Road, which was the final stage of the Windward Highway Reconstruction Project recently. He noted that in the interim all Vincentians should see it as their responsibility to ensure that how the roads are used doesn’t result in undue destruction.

“The maintenance of this road now becomes the shared responsibility of all the stakeholders, including residents of the area, the road users and the Ministry of Works,” Gouch said. “I am sure I do not have to stress the importance of keeping it in as good shape as possible so as to prolong its useful life and make it safe for everyone.”

Minister of Transport and works Clayton Burgin, agreed road maintenance was one of the biggest problems his ministry faces, but added they were doing all they could to remedy the situation.

“You do repairs today, and before you can tackle a new road that one might go bad again and before you know it, you have to be fixing that before you tackle another road.”

However, he added, they have been “making the best use of the limited resources available, and are trying to stretch their resources as much as possible”.

Meanwhile, the CDB official disclosed that the bank has been pursuing the use of technical assistance projects to assist borrowing member countries to develop “systematic road network master planning for maintenance and strategies” that would help them to establish and enforce effective vehicle axle load legislation.

“It is not about the number of vehicles that is on the road, it is about the weight of the vehicles on the road that causes that problem,” he added.

“We see the common problem in all our borrowing member countries.”