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New water-based paints

New water-based paints


Oil paints will be a thing of the past in the next five to 10 years.

This is the prediction of Christopher DeAllie, Managing Director of Sissons Paints (Grenada) Limited.{{more}}

“I can tell you one of the trends that we are trying to do in the paint industry and we will probably succeed … We are pushing that at our end. In probably the next five … to ten years maximum there will no longer be oil paints available on the market,” remarked DeAllie at a Sissons paint workshop held at Grenadine House last week Thursday for local painters and paint shop operators.

“All of us in the paint business are pushing to move oil paints out.”

He said water-based paints are more evironmentally friendly, and the technology already exists to allow manufacturers to match all the attributes of oil-based paint with water-based paints.

“We see it as a progressive step, and as I see it within the next five to ten years you may find it difficult to find a gallon of oil paint somewhere,” said DeAllie.

DeAllie used the opportunity to promote Easy Clean, a product reintroduced to the market by Sissons to compete with the Ultima Satin. DeAllie said Easy Clean provides a better sheen and was being offered at a better price.

He also promoted Aqua Gloss, a high-gloss water-based gloss enamel that provides a safe-to-use enamel for interior use. It is ideally suited for enclosed areas such as offices and children’s rooms, where odour sensitivity may be an issue.

“It is an excellent product. I can tell you in Grenada when we introduced painters to Aqua Gloss they never go back. They never move back to traditional things,” DeAllie added.