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LIME winners collect prizes in Green competition

LIME winners collect prizes in Green competition


Lots of lucky LIME customers across the Caribbean are now able to do even more for our planet by choosing to get on their mountain bike rather than into their car or by powering up their new Blackberry with a solar charger.{{more}}

A competition was run in the summer edition of LIME’s magazine, and customers across the Caribbean were invited to text in their tips for living green for the chance to win a top of the range Mountain Bike or a Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 with solar charger.

On September 16, Largo Height resident and Bishop’s College student Aubrey Burgin Jr. and Candice Coy of Union Island were announced as winners from St Vincent and the Grenadines. Burgin Jr. won the mountain bike and Coy won the Blackberry Flip 8220 handset and solar charger.

David L Smith, Vice President for Marketing and Communications, said: “When we launched LIME in November 2008, we made a commitment to become a greener company. The Caribbean region has a wealth of wondrous natural resources which need preserving, and we can all do something towards preserving those resources for the next generation. A great way to do that is by getting on your bike rather than into your car. Not only does it cut down on carbon emissions but you get fit in the process! Lots of customers had some fantastic green tips and we’ll be sharing them with you in the next issue of our magazine.”

When Burgin Jr. collected his prize at the LIME Corporate office on Halifax Street, he commented “summer was exciting for me because of the different LIME promotions. I am happy to be the winner of the mountain bike, and I truly believe that we all have a responsibility to preserve the environment by reducing the quantity of emissions. I will be using the bike to make my contribution.”

Angus Steele, Country Manager, said: “LIME continues to work towards its commitment to becoming a greener company. We have just launched our simpler, green bill, and we even have a phone on the market that is made completely from recycled material and which is fully recyclable. Watch out for more of our green initiatives in the near future.”

This Go Green promotion was a collaboration between LIME and Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturers of Blackberry.