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Lime Blackberry revolution

Lime Blackberry revolution


With every revolution a change is promised.

And at the end of every revolution there is some type of celebration.{{more}}

The BlackBerry Revolution, the latest promotion by mobile network provider LIME, promises these two key elements in a package, which they believe, like the trendy smart phone, will change the communications landscape.

“LIME has taken the opportunity to ensure that everyone throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines can take advantage of our BlackBerry solutions that we have available today.”

So says Head of Retail Sales Leslie Jack as his company launched the new promotion this Tuesday at their mobile store on Halifax Street.

“We have a variety of BlackBerries available that will fit your personality: the young, the old, the hip, the not so hip, the traveler, the businessmen and women, the students and the limers.”

“It’s for whomever, whenever. It is indeed the new way of life.”

Jack said that by ‘getting on board’ with this promotion, ‘revolutionaries’ will be able to answer the question that is becoming more and more popular among Blackberry users: ‘What’s your PIN?’

Corporate Sales Manager Garcia Cato indicated that that question is asked among BlackBerry owners who use the PIN numbers to chat with each other through Blackberry Messenger, an application exclusive to BlackBerry smart phones.

“It’s a free messenger service that will allow you to chat with any person anywhere in the world once they have a Blackberry.”

To entice customers to join the revolution, LIME is offering first time post-paid customers the opportunity to acquire the newest handset to join the BlackBerry family; the BlackBerry 8520 Gemini at starting price of $399.50, with other reduced prices available for the Bold, Pearl Flip, Javelin and Storm.

Cato indicated that the flexibility of the company will enable old LIME customers to be part of the promotion.

“Generally, we are a flexible company and from time to time we will work with you because you are our customers,” she stressed.

This latest promotion culminates on November 13, 2009, with the BlackBerry Revolution cocktail party, which Jack promised will be the social event of the year.

To get in, one just has to give their BlackBerry PIN at the entrance.

“It is when we will climax our BlackBerry Revolution Promotion, but you need a BlackBerry handset to get on board.”(JJ)