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SVG Tourism Authority hosts mini trade show

SVG Tourism Authority hosts mini trade show


More than 20 stakeholders in this country’s tourism industry were host to tour operators from the United Kingdom (UK) and this country’s UK Marketing representative, as part of an exercise to give these operators a first hand taste of what they will be offering to their customers.{{more}}

At a mini trade fair held at the Young Island Resort conference room in Villa, tour operators, hoteliers and service providers showcased their wares to Virgin Atlantic Product Managers from Harlequin and Key 2 Holidays (Erica Moore), CARIBTOURS (Katherine Hobbs), Destinology (Christine Power), ITC Classics (Jemma Sunley) and Sunset Faraway (Jodine Simmons).

Lesley Davidson, Sales and Marketing Manager of BGB, is this country’s UK tourism representative.

This trade fair was just part of a packed week that the agents spent sampling the products and services that are to be had by visitors in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The one-week familiarization trip saw the agents taking trips to a number of sites, with accommodations on the mainland, as well as on a number of the Grenadine islands, including Bequia, Union Island, Palm Island and Canouan.

The agents are scheduled to leave for the UK tomorrow from Canouan on LIAT.

Chief Executive Officer of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority (SVGTA) Yvonne Armour Shillingford, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, indicated that Tuesday’s event was a resounding success.

According to Shillingford, the stakeholders and the agents used the opportunity to foster new relationships and are expected to nurture these relationships over the next months and years.

She said that the trade fair and the subsequent trips by the agents were the first of many to come, with another fair to take place as early as next week with agents from British Airways.

Shillingford said that not only travel agents are being targeted by the exercise, but also special interest groups such as naturists, honeymooners, diving and sailing enthusiasts.

It is hoped by the SVGTA and stakeholders that over time there would be an increase in not only tourist arrivals, but also in sales and revenues for all involved in the tourism industry.(JJ)