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New offers for secondary schools’ Bible quiz


The organizer of the Scriptural Search – Secondary School Bible Quiz (SSBQ) has announced the awards for its 2nd Anniversary in November.{{more}}

Joel Jack, organizer of the Scriptural Search, said that the regular winner(s) will receive a Bible, $200.00 and a gift to be announced. A special award will be given to one of the students who participated five or more times during the year (Dec. 08 to Oct. 09).

The school with the highest number of entries for the year will receive an award.

Additionally, as of November 2009 and until further notice, prizes will be awarded based on the number of correct entries received. Up to 24 correct entries will have one winner; 25 to 59 entries, 2 winners; 60 to 99 correct entries, 3 winners and 100 or more entries, 4 winners.

The monthly questions for SSBQ can be heard or seen On Scriptural Search WEFM 99.9 Tuesdays at 6:00p.m (1st and 2nd Tuesdays of the month) and in Searchlight newspaper (1st Friday of the month) or on the website:

The purpose of the quiz is to provide incentives to assist the secondary school students of the nation to read and understand the Bible.

“The Bible is able to make one wise unto salvation, by reproving, correcting and instructing readers in righteousness. This is essential as we seek to build a better society,” the release from Jack said.