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Greenhouse gases inventory

Greenhouse gases inventory


Various sectors of this country’s economy will be better able to document and report green house gases emissions here, following a training workshop held this week.{{more}}

The workshop, which is scheduled to end today, saw members of the energy, transportation, agricultural, industrial, solvent and product use industries, among others, being trained as this country seeks to update its green house gases emissions database, as a member of the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The workshop was conducted by the Ministry of Health and the Environment and was facilitated by Marbeck Resource Consultants Ltd, along with Claude Davis and Associates Environmental Management Consultants.

Marbeck representative Seton Stiebert indicated to the participants that GHG inventories were necessary for individual and collective countries to assess their climate change, and see where they are on a global scale.

Based on the information gathered during previous inventories, this country has recorded low GHG emissions.

Stiebert said, however, that most of the information previously gathered was in some areas over or under stated, while in other cases were altogether unavailable.

He said that the exercise conducted this week will help to give more accurate statistics for upcoming assessments.(JJ)