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Island Network Inc. Vincy Soca Dans on NY tour


The Island Network Inc. Vincy Soca Dans left St. Vincent and the Grenadines yesterday on their North American tour.{{more}}

The group’s first stop will be New York City, where they will make several appearances over the Labour Day weekend. Appearances this weekend include the Junior Soca Jones Bacchanal boat ride Friday, September 4, Vincy night at Cafe Omar Saturday, September 5, an All Inclusive backyard fete and Insomnia on Sunday, September 6, and Eastern Parkway on Monday, September 7.

Poorsah will also be traveling to NY with the Soca Dans for an appearance at the Vincy Night this Saturday at Café Omar. Other members of the cast include Bomani and Winston Soso.

The Vincy Soca Dans then leave for Toronto for the Hype fete at Club Fusion on Friday, September 11, then on to Montreal for a massive fete at the EB Club Lounge on Saturday, September 12.