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Debra says last farewell to co-workers

Debra says last farewell to co-workers


Her fate may have already been sealed, but the verdict on the character of Debra Shallow will be indelibly stamped in the minds of many she came across.{{more}}

Shallow, an Audit Manager in the Audit Department of the Ministry of Finance, had been scheduled leave the country on August 30, 2009 to pursue studies leading to a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill campus. However, her aspirations were dashed the day prior to her departure when her charred remains, along with those of her common-law husband, were discovered at the couple’s home at Cane Grove.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited her workplace last Monday, the sad looks that enveloped the faces of her co-workers spoke volumes on how her death had impacted them. The desk where she once sat was adorned with bouquets and candles. A picture of the deceased on her desktop computer was one of the many reminders she left with her co-workers.

Junie Delpesche, who worked under Shallow’s supervision, choked with emotions when the name of her friend and co-worker was mentioned.

“She was a person I could easily talk to at anytime and was a very helpful individual who always had a smile on her face,” Delpesche said.

On August 27, Shallow held a birthday party at that office for some of the workers’ children. The following day, which would have been her last day at work, Shallow said farewell to colleagues. Little did they know it was the last time they would be seeing her alive.

“When she came to the office that day I hugged her and wished her all the best,” Delpesche emphasised.

Francis, who struggled to compose herself before speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, described Shallow as a willing person who always encouraged her to excel academically.

“She was just a generous person who could make a dull day turn bright,” Francis said.

She revealed that reminiscing on the fond memories of Shallow helped them to get through the day at the office. Counselors from the Ministry of Education were also deployed at the Audit Department on Monday to assist workers.

Investigators are working on the theory that David Charles, 44, a former policeman and minibus operator, killed Shallow, 43, and then set fire to their house on August 28, 2009, in the wee hours of the morning.