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Phillips is $20,000 richer

Phillips is $20,000 richer


It was a bit of an embarrassing start for Monique Phillips as she took part in Digicel’s penultimate ‘Mad Money’ promotion on Friday, August 14. Whilst her fellow competitors had long retrieved their prize bottles from designated spots in the sand, Phillips was having difficulty locating hers.{{more}} However, that embarrassment quickly turned into excitement when she opened her bottle – it held the top prize of EC$20,000!

This round of the Mad Money promotion took place at Villa beach with a pirate theme. Ten competitors donned pirate caps and chose from a bag of numbers to decide in which order they would select flags along the beach that indicated where the bottles were buried.

Phillips couldn’t believe her luck when she discovered that she had won the top prize. Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, the Clerical Assistant could no more conceal her elation than a bird can hide its song! “Digicel is great!” she declared. A long-standing customer, Phillips recently bought a new handset, which qualified her for the draw. The Georgetown resident has no immediate plans for the money, but her brother Keith Phillips (who accompanied her to the event) advised her to put some aside in a savings account.

Marketing Manager Juno de Roche thanked all the competitors for being Digicel customers, and encouraged them to continue using the network’s facilities in order to take advantage of other promotions. She also congratulated them on their wins, reminding them to “use it wisely!”

The other competitors didn’t walk away empty-handed, and received top-up vouchers ranging from $100 – 200. As Friday (August 14) was a ‘double bubble’ day, these sums were doubled and applied to the competitors’ accounts by the end of the day.

Digicel’s Mad Money promotion began in July, and is slated to end with the final draw today August 28, 2009.(JSV)