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Invest SVG Launched

Invest SVG Launched


With the approval of the Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, the investment promotion agency, formerly known as the National Investment and Promotions Incorporated (NIPI) on Monday, August 24, unveiled its new branding and logo – and now operates under the name Invest SVG.{{more}}

At a ceremony which took place at Grenadine House, Prime Minister Gonsalves congratulated the organisation on reaching its 5th anniversary, and for its successful rebranding exercise. He pointed out that Invest SVG has a young and vibrant staff – something essential to the longevity of any organisation.

NIPI evolved in 2004 following the dissolution of the Development Corporation in 2001. “That entity had outlived its usefulness!” the Prime Minister asserted. He declared that NIPI was fashioned in a “changing environment of openness, transparency and competitiveness.”

Gonsalves hailed NIPI for its involvement in “promoting our exports in goods and services throughout the world,” and lauded its generation of over EC$550 million in foreign investment since its inception.

Edmond Jackson, Chairman of the Invest SVG Board of Directors, explained that the organisation decided to rebrand when they realized that the old name and logo were not suitable for “selling” interest in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to outside investors. The company was able to conduct this venture through a Euro 1.1 million grant from the European Union.

Jackson explained that Invest SVG acts as a catalyst for economic development by stimulating direct investment. He believes that the company’s new look will conjure positive feelings and images of SVG to foreign investors. “It promotes what is true and real about SVG.”

Executive Director Cleo Huggins gave brief remarks, explaining the rationale behind the selection of the new logo. A St Lucian marketing firm Accela Marketing won the rebranding contract. “We wanted to stand out… be distinctive.”

The logo includes of a breadfruit leaf – something deemed as distinctive to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The unveiling of the organisation’s new logo was followed by a cocktail reception.(JSV)