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Garifuna Community presents lecture in the United Kingdom

Garifuna Community presents lecture in the United Kingdom


Kim Childs, a Vincentian national of Garifuna descent and a member of SVGUK, gave an informal and enlightening presentation at the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines High Commission in London on the history of the indigenous people of SVG.{{more}}

The presentation on the history of the Garifuna people was interlaced with anecdotal stories of the personal experiences of Kim himself and other Garifuna people.

The High Commissioner welcomed Childs and attendees to the High Commission and said that he was pleased that a representative of the Garifuna community had volunteered to give a presentation of an important and inspiring part of Vincentian history. His Excellency also said that he intended the Mission to facilitate similar presentations pertaining to the other communities within the Vincentian diaspora in the UK.

The Mission was also represented at the presentation by Carolin de Freitas-Sawh, Counsellor, who initiated and co-coordinated the event, and Marsean Ballantyne, Secretary.

The New SVGA assisted with preparations for the meeting. They also organised the networking/buffet reception which immediately followed the presentation.

The next events which will take place at the High Commission include a presentation by the SVG Tourism Office, London, scheduled for 20th September, and quiz night organised for the 26th September by the New SVGA.