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Caesar: ‘Success will not come overnight’

Caesar: ‘Success will not come overnight’


Efforts to provide an alternative for marijuana farmers adversely affected by the recent Vincy Pac offensive are in full swing.{{more}}

Special provisions are being made in the Alternative Sustainable Lively Hood project for these persons in particular and the man in charge of the programme, Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture Saboto Caesar, is meeting with the farmers in an attempt to craft the type of assistance that is most practical to them.

On Saturday, August 22nd, and Sunday, August 23rd, Caesar met with marijuana farmers in Fancy and Chateaubelair, respectively.

At the Fancy meeting, Caesar admitted that this project is not going to be an easy one and said success will not come overnight. He said he wants the farmers to request what they want because they are the ones who will be most affected by this project.

Caesar said he wants the country’s youth to seek jobs the legal way, thus the reason behind creating an alternative for the marijuana farmers.

President of the Fancy United Farmers Cooperative Grafton Toussaint, who was present at the Fancy meeting, said the Marijuana farmers have diverted from the hills because of the difficulties they face and they are now seeking a way of making a living legitimately.

Toussaint said they have started a project in Cassava and Farine Making despite the lack of funding and he is hoping that the project will assist them in that and other areas.

On Sunday Caesar met with marijuana farmers in North Leeward.

In a candid meeting with Caesar, the farmers expressed concern on the availability of farming lands in North Leeward, the high cost of fertilizer and available markets for produce.

It was also suggested that a representative from among the farmers accompany Caesar to Trinidad and Tobago where he will travel to discuss market issues for Vincentian produce.

Caesar will continue such meetings with the farmers. The next is scheduled for September.