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Walker is top shopper

Walker is top shopper


The next time Edmira Walker does shopping at CK Greaves Supermarket, it will be all at Digicel’s expense.

The married mother of a seven-year-old son emerged the top shopper in Digicel’s Mother’s Day shopping extravaganza, which took place at CK Greaves supermarket on Tuesday, June 2nd.{{more}}

Walker out-shopped Monica Peters of Bequia, and Andonia Lynch, who was shopping on behalf of her cousin Sandra Carrington, to win $500 worth of free groceries, every month for the next twelve months.

Peters and Carrington won consolation prizes of $300 and $200 worth of groceries, respectively, every month for the next year.

To earn their prizes, the mothers had three minutes to fill their shopping carts with as many products as possible from any section of the supermarket; at the end of the three minutes, the mother with the highest total at the cash register was deemed the winner.

Walker, who had purchased a new cell phone to qualify for the shopping spree, amassed a total of $5,372.95, while Peters reached a sum of $4,004.54 and Lynch topped up to $3,058.52.

A grade five teacher at the Greggs Primary School, Walker said that she was elated to come out at the top of the list.

She said that she will now be able to purchase items that she would not have been able to afford prior to winning the shopping spree, as well as get the basic items that she would usually buy.

At Tuesday’s event, Digicel’s Head of Sales and Marketing Juno Deroche said that the promotion was another way of easing its customers’ financial burden during the current economic crisis.(JJ)