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Teacher gives Bethel High School a boost

Teacher gives Bethel High School a boost


English Teacher Francille Nicholls-Joseph has completed a refurbishment project, which has vastly improved the physical appearance of the Bethel High School – something both students and teachers are benefiting from.{{more}}

The project, which fulfils the practicum component of her bachelor’s degree in Educational Management, began in January 2009 and is estimated to have cost EC$22,000.

At a handing over ceremony, which took place at the school on Wednesday, May 27, Nicholls-Joseph presented the outcome of her dedicated efforts to the entire school, and was congratulated by Principal Wendel Edwards.

Nicholls-Joseph, in brief remarks, explained the objectives of the project, and was proud to announce that they had all been achieved. The objectives included: removal of the carpet in the auditorium and installation of non-skid tiles; repainting of several classroom doors on the ground floor; repainting of stairs leading to the auditorium, lower half of walls on the ground floor, and walls of the school’s entrance; refurbishment of railings and school gate; and the planting of potted palms, amongst others.

Obtaining donations for the project was an often-frustrating task, Nicholls-Joseph admitted, but through the kind contributions of several businesses, the Ministry of Education, departments within Bethel High School, community members and the students, the project was successfully completely within its allocated time frame. “I went at it (fund-raising) aggressively.”

She also conducted raffles and sold ice cream at school, and spoke of contributions received from past teachers.

Upon completion of her degree, Nicholls-Joseph believes it will facilitate her progression within the teaching profession.

Principal Wendel Edwards had nothing but praise for Nicholls-Joseph. “She is an excellent worker. She’s very dedicated to ensuring that the students receive the best quality education!” Edwards further commended the University of the West Indies Open Campus for including the practicum component in the degree. “There are a lot of stakeholders in projects like these.”

Third formers Garfield Hooper and Junior James assisted Nicholls-Joseph greatly throughout the project, and related how they enjoyed the process because it helped them to give something back to the school and to their Form Teacher.

Thankful for all contributions made, assistance and encouragement given, Nicholls-Joseph was especially thankful for the support of her family, friends, fellow teachers and students. (JSV)