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Lucky LIME customers now flashing Blackberry Storms

Lucky LIME customers now  flashing Blackberry Storms


The winner in LIME’s Blackberry Storm texting promotion is Linda Simmons of Lowmans Windward.

Linda, a mother of five, presently owns a modest handset and was understandably excited to have won the latest handset in the Blackberry family said, “I sent hundreds of texts and I voted for Miss LIME so I am sorry she didn’t win, but at least one of us is a winner.{{more}} This handset is a big step from what I presently own and my daughter is always encouraging me to get onto the Internet, now I can use this handset to surf the Internet”.

Incidentally, Yasmeen Hadaway representing LIME, received the most texts from LIME mobile customers and received a Blackberry Flip as her prize.

LIME Regional Vice President for Marketing Communications David Smith said: “What better way to launch a stunning new Blackberry Smartphone! LIME as well as RIM was very excited about this promotion. We received many thousands of text entries and I know the lucky winners will be absolutely delighted with their new Blackberry Storm”.