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Media told ‘play your part for tourism’

Media told ‘play your part for tourism’


The Ministry of Tourism is adamant that the media has a significant role to play in the development of the tourism sector in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

At a half day workshop held on Friday, May 22nd, facilitators Francelia Marksman and Marina Lampkin provided insight into the true meaning of Tourism, the importance of excellent customer service, the ways in which the media can assist in dispelling negative stereotypes associated with the country; and instead help to promote the positive.

Marina Lampkin, Education Officer within the Ministry of Tourism, suggested that media houses designate a slot in their production/programming to disseminate tourism information to the public.

One point of contention during the workshop was the placing of “sensational” stories about murders, rapes and other heinous crimes on the front and back pages of newspapers. The facilitators pointed out that whilst they are not asking media houses to censor such occurrences, it would be better to “soften” their delivery.

One participant pointed out that the Ministry should be doing more to get tourism information out to the media houses if they are to expect cooperation. Lampkin acknowledged that this needs improvement, but also urged the media to be proactive and approach the Ministry for said information when they feel it is falling behind.

Francelia Marksman, Tourism and Hospitality Consultant/Trainer, further urged members of the media to pronounce words properly, especially those associated with Tourism, as it may reflect badly on the country. “We need to be careful.”

“There needs to be mass education on local tourism,” Marksman reiterated.

Participants included media representatives from SVGTV, Cross Country Radio, Star FM, We FM, Premier Marketing, Praise FM, NBC 705 Radio, Nice Radio, The Vincentian and Searchlight Newspaper. There was also a participant from Xcape Restaurant and Lounge. (JSV)