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LIME: Over $300,000 in sponsorship for Carnival

LIME: Over $300,000 in sponsorship for Carnival


From Heritage Square to Grenadine House, to The Soca Dans to T-Shirt bands, to rural carnival to Miss SVG, telecommunications company LIME says that its involvement in the nation’s premier cultural festival Vincy Mas indicates the company’s national focus.{{more}}

All these aspects and more are expected to be on display today, Friday, May 29th, when the company launches its Carnival activities.

At a press conference on Tuesday, May 26th, at company headquarters on Halifax Street, LIME officials, along with some of their partners, unveiled a number of promotions which will take place during and after the 2009 Carnival season.

Apart from its sponsorship directly to the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC), the company has partnered this year with The Grenadine House Hotel and once again with the Vincy Soca Dans.

It has also sponsored Yasmeen Hadaway, a contestant in the Miss SVG pageant.

According to head of Sales and Marketing Fitz Huggins, LIME’s total sponsorship of Vincy Mas exceeds EC$300,000.

General Manager of Grenadine House called the partnership with LIME, which will include involvement in the t-shirt band and carnival costumes, a fresh new approach for both institutions.

He indicated that The Grenadine House is looking forward to being a part of Vincy Mas this year.

The affiliation with the Soca Dans has this year produced a 20-track CD which is scheduled to be released in about two weeks’ time.

The group, which consists of Tabia, Luta, Jamesy P, Fireman Hooper and DJ Taurus is managed by Herric Horne, who stated that the Monday t-shirt band will be themed “Sugar Pan”, based on the song ‘Ants in yuh Sugar Pan’ performed by Jamesy P.

Several other incentives are being offered as part of the LIME carnival promotions, including the My Free 3, Blackberry re-pricing, Free After Five and Carnival Sweepstakes.

The Vincy Soca dans, along with the band Hottsand, will top off today’s activities at Heritage Square, which will also feature the MISS SVG contestants and giveaways.(JJ)