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Gonsalves for renaming of Point Salines airport


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves will deliver the feature address at the renaming of the Point Salines International Airport in Grenada tomorrow.{{more}}

The Grenada government is renaming the Point Salines International Airport in honour of slain prime minister, Maurice Bishop, who was killed in 1983, after having come to power during a bloodless coup in 1979.

According to Caribbean Net News, Prime Minister Gonsalves is among several overseas dignitaries, including Cuba’s Vice President Estenban Lezo Hernan, who are expected to attend the ceremony.

Caribbean Net News reports that Vice President Hernan was the person in charge of Matanzas province in Cuba at the time of the building of the airport and many of the Cubans who came to Grenada to be involved in the construction of the airport at the time were from Matanzas province.

The renaming of the airport was among the promises made by the ten-month-old National Democratic Congress administration during its campaign for office.

Another highlight of the ceremony will be the unveiling of the new departure lounge at the 35-year-old airport.

The Point Salines International Airport, scene of a raging gun battle in 1983 between Cuban construction workers and the invading American marines, is considered the most important economic project in Grenada’s recent history.