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BECDO to launch in grand style


While some community groups throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines are working in collaboration with the National Parks Rivers and Beaches Authority in co-managing heritages sites, one community which has been dormant for quite some time now is ready to present themselves to the general public in grand style.{{more}}

This Sunday, May 31st, 2009, the Belmont Educational Community Development Organization (BECDO) will launch the group in an activity dubbed “Gospel Extravaganza” at 3pm in close vicinity to the newly built Belmont Lookout.

This activity is being done in recognition of the need for togetherness and strengthens the relationship among residents within the community.

There will be performances and a presentation of the members, brief remarks from Area Representatives, BECDO’s Chairman and other invited guests.

Belmont Educational Community Development Organization (BECDO), one of the many community groups throughout the country, has the responsibility for co-management of the Belmont Lookout, which is one of the first sites/attractions encountered when travelling from Kingstown into the Marriaqua Valley, and which has had a very high degree of visitation on a regular basis since its inception.

BECDO’s main objective is to promote and inculcate positive, healthy lifestyles and environment habits in the community and surroundings areas, including Fairhall, South Wood, Glamorgan, La Croix, Ginger Village and Fairbaine Pasture.