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VINSA Trinidad elects new executive

VINSA Trinidad elects new executive


The Vincentian Students Association (VINSA), of the University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus, presents its new executive 2009-2010, as the mantle was passed to them on April 26th 2009.{{more}} The new executive promises to foster even closer bonds between Vincentian students studying at the UWI, St. Augustine campus.

According to the new president, one objective of the organization is “to champion the integration process of Vincentian students pursuing higher education at the St. Augustine Campus and to portray the true facets of Vincentian culture while simultaneously seeking high levels of achievement in all their endeavours”.

The executive wishes to encourage all new students to join the association and be proud ambassadors of Vincentian pride and culture in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the region.

VINSA St. Augustine has been awarded by the UWI guild of Students as the reigning association of the year at the St. Augustine Campus 2008-2009.