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SVGHRA calls for Safe-House


The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Human Rights Association (SVGHRA) is calling for an improvement in conditions at the Mental Health Hospital and the introduction of a safe house for witnesses and victims of crime.{{more}}

Describing the conditions at the Mental Health Hospital as “deplorable”, SVGHRA President Nicole Sylvester disclosed that the association has compiled a report detailing their investigation, and forwarded it to the Minister of Health Douglas Slater.

Amongst other issues, the report is critical of the food that patients are served – describing it as unhealthy and often not delivered on time. Moreover, it is argued that drug addicts should not be housed at the mental health hospital, instead they should be rehabilitated at a separate facility.

Sylvester also believes that some of the numerous community centres should be transformed into safe houses for victims and witnesses of crime. In many cases people are afraid to testify against the perpetrators, she said, because they have no protection against physical harm should threats be made.

“Where are the structures to protect victims?” Sylvester questioned.(JSV)