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Rookie policeman stabs girlfriend


A rookie policeman is expected to be arrested and charged in connection with the Saturday, May 16th stabbing of girlfriend, as soon as he is discharged from hospital.{{more}}

The 25-year-old police officer was at press time warded at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital under police guard, recovering from complications associated with something he reportedly ingested in the wake of the alleged incident.

Information reaching SEARCHLIGHT indicates that the couple was not on the best of terms following a violent incident that occurred about a month ago.

A source told SEARCHLIGHT that the attack stemmed from the young woman’s rejection of the young lawman’s invitation to accompany him to the Busy Signal concert and additionally, her decision to move on in life without him.

He however had spent the previous night at the girl’s Queen’s Drive family home, SEARCHLIGHT understands.

The young woman received wounds to her chin, back and side, information reaching SEARCHLIGHT indicates.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that some time last month, the young man had to be detained by his colleagues for assaulting the same young woman.

No charges were filed after that earlier incident and he continued in active duty. (KJ)