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NLC holds one-day workshop

NLC holds one-day workshop


The National Labour Congress (NLC), in its efforts to protect workers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, recently held a one-day workshop to sensitize workers about their value to their organizations.{{more}}

The workshop took place on Wednesday, 29th April 2009, at the Peace Memorial Hall. It was held under the theme “Safeguarding workers values and interest.”

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Noel Jackson, President of the NLC, reminded the participants that the working conditions they enjoy today, came about because of the struggle of workers before them. “Our fore parents made a tremendous sacrifice to ensure that the things that we are enjoying today were won,” he said.

Speaking on the current global financial crisis, Jackson said, that workers should be made aware of how this will impact them in every way, whether socially, politically or economically.

Jackson, who said that workers have become complacent in the workplace, encouraged the participants to always think positively and push ahead to make sure they are always appreciated. He also encouraged them to be strong in their numbers. “The only way we are going to effectively protect the values and interest of the working people is if we understand that unity is strength,” he said.

Minister of Labour, Rene Baptiste, also encouraged the participants to work hard to make sure that their values and interests are appreciated. Baptiste also noted that if persons do not work hard, they will not achieve anything. “Nothing from nothing, leads to nothing,” she said.

The one-day workshop, tackled topics such as, the current financial crisis with special emphasis on CL financial, CLICO and British American investments, the future of the Public and Private sector and the Labour legislation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The workshop was just one of the activities organized by the NLC as part of their International Labour Day celebrations. The NLC workers’ week began on April 26, with a church service; they also had discussions with secondary school students, on the theme and had a public speaking competition.

The workshop was conducted by the NLC and the Department of Labour. The week of activities climaxed on May 1 2009, with a rally and evening of entertainment at the Heritage Square.(OS)