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Government Printery installs new equipment

Government Printery installs new equipment


The Government Printery is striding forward in its quest to fully modernise the establishment, after receiving five new pieces of equipment, courtesy of the Ministry of Finance.

On Thursday, May 7, the new machinery was showcased to the media in a short demonstration ceremony.{{more}} They include a Ryobi full colour printing press; a Horizon perfect binder, which produces paperback-style binding; a numbering and perforating machine, an embossing machine; and a foil stamping machine, that labels registers, books,

business cards etc.

In brief remarks, Government Printer, Othneil White, was clearly delighted that the new equipment is estimated to speed up production time by 75 per cent. In particular, he related that the highly computerised and self-regulatory nature of the printing press, will require less interaction from fewer members of staff, thus enabling them to proceed with other important duties.

White assured customers of an improved and quicker service at reasonable costs. “The printery is now capable of producing not only the printed matter but also the finished product in a much shorter time than it was capable of doing a few months ago,” he declared.

Additionally, White expects workers at the establishment to “take up the challenge” of fully utilising the new machines, to become more efficient and productive. He pointed out: “The equipment is no good unless we have the human resources that are willing and capable… to speed up the process.”

Assistant Government Printer, Aubrey Gould, praised the government for the new equipment – a great assistance in enabling the printery to come up to par with the new trends in printing industry. “There are new trends in the area of printing throughout the world… we are endeavouring that we use the equipment in the best way possible…”

Pastor Sonny Williams was on hand to deliver a short sermon and bless the new machines. Quoting from the book of Luke, Chapter 19, Williams impressed upon the workers to improve their talents, and develop themselves, so that they become more marketable. “Be on the move because the workplace is moving!” he advised.