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Evesham couple shot, robbed at their home


Police are on the hunt for the man who shot and robbed an Evesham couple last Friday, May 15th in the yard of their home.

At press time Lester and Ruby Davis were still in a Trinidad hospital recovering from the injuries they sustained during the incident.{{more}}

A relative told SEARCHLIGHT that the couple are doing fine and their doctors in Trinidad are optimistic about their full recovery.

The couple had just been dropped off at their Pilgrim Hill, Evesham home at around 8:45pm, after closing their Lower Evesham supermarket, when they were confronted by a masked man.

A police source said that as the couple entered their yard, the assailant attacked them.

Lester 61, was reportedly shot in the upper right side of his chest while Ruby 47, was shot in her back when she tried to escape the attacker.

The couple, who together have three children, were flown out to Trinidad on the afternoon of Saturday, May 16th.

Special arrangements had to be made for them to travel as their passports were in a bag taken by the assailant.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the Davises have had a history of people breaking into their business place.

The Davises also sold food daily and operated a Lottery outlet from their supermarket.