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Digicel rewards three lucky customers

Digicel rewards three lucky customers


Digicel’s customers continue to be rewarded with cash, for choosing to use the telecommunications company’s services and products.{{more}}

Last Friday at Digicel’s Corporate Offices, Marketing Executive, Edmund Joachim handed over three cheques, each valued at EC$1,000 to three lucky customers. One of the recipients, Taxi-Operator and Belair resident, Vibert Desouza, said that he has been with Digicel since the company’s inception here in 2001. “I feel good because after all the years I finally received something back from them”.

Another winner, Alwin Boyea commented, “I give thanks”. He said that he resides at Largo Heights and since his retirement, has moved back to St.Vincent from overseas, and has been using Digicel. “I think that Digicel is a great company and they are doing well for their customers,” said Boyea, who added that it is not often that companies give away money.

The lone female winner Xavia Scoon, said that she operates a wholesale business and as a result, uses a lot of credit. “I appreciate the money,” she said.

The three won the money as part of Digicel’s Loyalty Promotion. Persons who top up EC$10 or more are entered in a random draw that allows them to win EC$1,000.