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CED Financial Management training for business operators


The Centre for Enterprise Development Inc. (CED) Business Gateway Project, will continue to offer Financial Management training to business operators and potential business operators next week.{{more}}

The seminar on “Establishing Good Practice in Costing and Pricing” takes place May 25th-29th under the theme, “Cost Accurately – Price Intelligently”. It is designed to enable participants to understand costing techniques and apply them effectively to pricing their products to improve profitability.

The objectives of this seminar, are to help participants identify the different types of costs they would incur in their business operations; to show the relationship between costing, pricing and profitability; to examine costing models for pricing products; and to help participants select an effective pricing strategy and avoid mistakes in pricing.

The Costing & Pricing seminar, follows the recent Record Keeping seminar, which equipped persons from private and public sectors and small business operators with the basic tools to create and maintain an effective record keeping system, in accordance with the requirements of the changing business environment.

It will help participants, how to identify different types of business costs, how to cost for pricing decisions and financial projections, create a costing model to price products, calculate the breakeven point, and help them to better understand the pricing process.

The Costing & Pricing Seminar runs from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. at The Knowledge Institute.