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Bickles opens new restaurant at Melville, Grenville Streets


In the midst of layoffs and cutbacks in the private sector, at least one local company is going against the trend by expanding its operations.{{more}}

Yesterday, Thursday, May 21st, a new branch of the popular fast food restaurant Bickles opened its doors downtown at the corner of Melville and Grenville Street.

In addition to the popular Jamaican patties, soups, sandwiches, ice-creams and smoothies, the new branch carries an expanded product range which will include five types of wraps including curried fish with breadfruit, grilled chicken with sesame seed and vegetarian varieties; new, exciting healthy salads; daily fish or beef broth; Cappuccino, Espresso, Coffee Mocha, among other exciting menu items.

According to Villette Browne, Managing Director of K.P. Holdings, the company which manages Bickles, the company has also introduced exciting Sunday breakfast specials at the new Bickles outlet. Patrons of the company can look forward to Vincy, Jamaican and American breakfast specials.

The new outlet seats approximately 124 persons on the first floor of the building. Patrons will be able to dine in air-conditioned comfort while listening to soothing music and enjoying a bird’s eye view of Kingstown.

The new outlet will also house a Western Union outlet, the operations of G.R. Howard and Company, a major distributor of phone cards, as well as the offices of K P Holdings Limited.

“The Board is happy that we have been able to create employment, not only in the restaurant, but also among the fisherman, farmers and the entrepreneurs who supply various products to Bickles,” Browne shared.

Browne said that K.P. Holdings seeks, through its operations, to create as many jobs and local spin-off entrepreneurs as possible. “Small businesses are responsible for creating most of the employment in developed countries,” she explained. According to Browne, the K.P. Group now employs in excess of three hundred persons in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The original Bickles, located on the corner of Halifax and Egmont Street, opened on December 8 2007 and employs eighteen persons. The new outlet employs a similar number.