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Sir James joins InterAction Council

Sir James joins InterAction Council


Sir James Mitchell, Premier and Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines for over eighteen years, has become a member of the InterAction Council. The Council held its 27th annual meeting in King Abdullah City, Saudi Arabia, from 10th to 13th May this year.{{more}}

The InterAction Council comprises twenty-two former world leaders and Associates from the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Far and Middle East.

At the meeting, Sir James initiated discussion on the scientific and political issues surrounding genetically modified foods and their impact on the world economy. The meeting also discussed dialogue between Islam and Christianity, the current global situation, ways to diffuse crises, energy and the world’s future.

His Majesty King Abdullah hosted a banquet in Riyadh for all participating former heads of government on the evening of 13th May.

The council was formed in 1983 by Takeo Fukuda, the former Japanese premier.