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NTRC approves new Digicel, Cable & Wireless pact


The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) has approved a new Interconnection agreement between Digicel (SVG) Limited (Digicel) and Cable & Wireless St. Vincent and the Grenadines Limited (Lime).{{more}}

This agreement replaces the existing Interconnection Agreement that has been in place since February 2003. This new agreement comes into effect on Monday, May 11, 2009, and, among other things, the agreement establishes new wholesale rates for the cost of calls made between the networks of both telecommunications providers. These new wholesale rates are lower than what existed hitherto.

The NTRC expects that both companies would now pass on the savings from the new wholesale rates to consumers via reductions to the retail rates of certain types

of calls.

It is expected that the retail rates of the following types of calls would be reduced:

1. Lime Mobile to Digicel Mobile.

2. Digicel Mobile to Lime Mobile.

3. Lime Fixed Line to Digicel Mobile.

4. Digicel Mobile to Lime Fixed line.