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Mother’s Day babes get a taste of LIME

Mother’s Day babes get a taste of LIME


Telecommunications Company LIME last Sunday spread joy among mothers giving birth on Mother’s Day at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.{{more}}

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Fitzgerald Huggins, commented: “This is not the first time LIME is doing random acts of kindness. We did free breakfast at restaurants, free bus rides, free boat rides from Bequia. We worked with groups to pick up groceries at supermarket counters and drop off at the car parks. This is the crème de la crème of them all. Mothers were given a “LIME head start kit” which are items that will start their babies off for up to a month and these mothers are very appreciative of these gifts. LIME will like to thank the members of staff at the hospital, in particular Sister Duncan, for graciously accepting to allow us to deliver gifts to the mothers”.

Marline Ottley of Diamond gave birth to beautiful baby girl, Mariah, at 7:20 am; Nicole Warren of Murrays Village delivered a bouncing baby boy, Bless, by Caesarean Section at 9:51 am. Anita Jack of Ottley Hall delivered a baby boy at 11:29 am.

A total of five babies were delivered at the hospital on Mother’s Day, four boys and one girl.

LIME wishes all the Mothers and the newly born babies a healthy life.