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Digicel gives to ‘Fish Night’

Digicel gives to ‘Fish Night’


Digicel has made it possible for persons in Georgetown to get a taste of the Fisheries Department ‘Fish Night’ celebrations.{{more}}

Tonight (Friday, May 15), all roads lead to the Georgetown community, where members of the Fisheries Division, thanks to sponsorship from Digicel, will provide fish dishes for sale, along with entertainment, in a setting designed for the family.

On Tuesday at Digicel’s Corporate Offices on Bay Street in the Sprott’s Building, Chairman of the Promotional Committee for Fisherman’s Day Junior Sutherland and Chairman of the Fish Night Committee Ferique Shorte collected the sponsorship cheque from Distribution Manager at Digicel, Gershom Dick.

Handing over the money, Dick explained that coming on board with the Fisheries Department to help with Fish Night “is just Digicel giving back to the community by spreading our wings and venturing out into a new field’. Dick added: “With fish you are promoting a healthy lifestyle. Digicel is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle, so hence we took the opportunity to partner with the Fisheries Department”

Commenting on the donation, Chairman Shortte said that the Fish Night celebrations are held in order to promote the use of fish throughout the communities as an alternative to meat, pork and poultry. On Fish Nights, Fisheries Officials sell fish dishes prepared in different ways, for example, sweet and sour fish and fish in creole sauce.

The first Fish Night this year was held in Barroaullie on April 30th, while after the session in Georgetown tonight, the event will move to Calliaqua on May 29th.

Said Shortte: “The reaction from the public is overwhelming. We try to make it family oriented. It just got popular the other day because we were doing it on a small scale before”.

He added that Digicel is helping with promotion of the event as well as with paying the disc jockeys and providing tents. Other sponsors include Hairoun Beer and the Hotel and Tourism Association, with the latter being on board for the last ten years.

As Chairman of the Promotional Committee for Fisherman’s Day, Sutherland said that it is a blessing to have Digicel on board, “This is a good contribution from Digicel, as they are also sponsoring the third place prize for Fisherman’s Day, the Junior Fisherman Competition and the Female Fishing Competition.” Fisherman’s Day will be held on Monday, June 1st.

Sutherland added: ‘We are glad that Digicel has joined with us to help promote a healthy lifestyle’.