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Digicel adds value to business after hours

Digicel adds value to business after hours


Digicel has once again shown that they are not just looking for interesting ways to add value to their products and services but also how they can add value to their customers’ lives.{{more}}

Last week Thursday, May 7th, Digicel’s Sales Department held a ‘Business After Hours’ session at the Digicel Corporate Offices on Bay Street. What was special about this is that the Corporate giant, apart from having their employees bring customers up to date on their latest products and services, introduced a motivational speaker, Dr. Kenneth Onu, into the mix. Dr. Onu spoke to customers about ways that they can improve their lives. The session was dubbed “Adding Value”.

Commenting on the event, Country Manager Sonia Polius said that customers were treated to an evening of information as well as motivation. Persons were also introduced to the latest Blackberry device, ‘The Storm’, as well as updated on Digicel’s various services, products and calling plans.

Said Polius: “We at Digicel recognize the importance of saving; right now is difficult economic times so we are trying to get out customers to be smarter”.

Explaining the concept of the motivational speaker, Polius added that Digicel is not just aiming to sell products to customers, “but to add a bit of value not just from a commercial standpoint but bringing something totally unrelated that adds value to our customers’ lives and that was what this was all about; a little motivation”. She said that soon, another ‘Business After Hours’ will be held, where customers will be educated specifically on roaming.

During the meeting that targeted new customers, Digicel’s Marketing Executive Edmund Joachim explained a number of the company’s value adding plans. Joachim explained that customers can determine which package best fits their needs simply by looking “at your calling pattern”. The pattern according to the Marketing Executive is what types of calls you make in a month, the number of calls you make in a month and the time spent on your calls for the month. Joachim said that Digicel has different plans to fit different persons’ lifestyles. He also spoke about ‘Bolt ons’, which allow customers to add different features to their calling plans. These features allow for persons to make maximum use of their devices, whether it’s for texting, receiving or sending emails or just surfing the world- wide-web.

Joachim explained how the different plans work and how you can “find a plan to fit your purpose; these plans are what suit you; you pay for what you think you may need”. He added that persons seeking to improve their service or “just looking for information can go into any of Digicel’s partner stores or even come to the main office and ask questions”.

Dealer Accounts Executive Fanta Williams used the opportunity to introduce the Blackberry Storm to customers. She described the Storm as the latest Blackberry but with touch screen capabilities. The Storm’s features include, a Camera (3.2 Mega Pixels), Built-in GPS, Media Player, Video Recording, BlackBerry(r) Maps, Wireless Email, Organizer, Browser, Corporate Data Access and SMS/MMS and a QWERTY Keyboard. Williams said that owning a Blackberry allows you to always be in touch and in some instances, even leave your laptop at home. Williams urged persons to try the new phone, “You won’t regret. It will improve your productivity”, she said.

Corporate Sales Executive Dawson Lewis also addressed the gathering. He sought to explain the use of a number of the company’s products, including Edge Technology and Wireless Modems.

Digicel was launched here in 2003. The company revolutionized the telecommunications industry here. Digicel offers customers competitive rates, unbeatable coverage, superior customer care, a wide variety of products and services, innovative new technology and state-of-the-art handsets, as well as community support and development.