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Courts continues customer health drive

Courts continues customer health drive


As Courts’ (St. Vincent Ltd) ‘Customer Celebration’ promotion progresses, the public are receiving increasingly informative advice on how they can lead healthier lifestyles.{{more}}

At the event that took place on Friday, May 8, there were representatives from Villamar Caribbean Gourmet Line, St. Vincent Planned Parenthood Association (SVPPA), Stubbs and Enhams Health Centres, and the Nutrition and Health Promotion units within the Ministry of Health.

As the day progressed, the representatives eagerly dispensed much needed health advice – an easy feat, given that the public’s response to the promotion has been deemed “excellent”.

Supervisor Cass Humphrey was kept busy handing out samples of Villamar’s products, as well as healthy recipes

that customers can try out.

On display was a range of products that the company, which is owned by Miguel and Simone Despointes, manufactures.

Encouraging healthy eating, Humphrey shared that the Villamar product line is stocked in most major supermarkets, and sold in outlets in the Grenadines and Barbados. The line includes samosas, yoghurts, fish fillets, soups and shellfish.

Community Based Distribution Representative Patricia Chance-Hoyte and Programme Officer Nzinga Sargeant distributed St. Vincent Planned Parenthood (SVPPA) paraphernalia on contraception, HIV/AIDS and the many services that the organisation offers at its Frenches Gate Headquarters. Sargeant also demonstrated the correct way to put condoms on.

Additionally, the SVPPA representatives handed out condoms and coupons for complimentary HIV testing.

The Stubbs and Enhams Health Centres also brought their act to town, providing pertinent advice about and testing for high blood pressure and diabetes – two of the most common conditions that affect Caribbean people. Cynthelia James, Community Health Aid at the Stubbs Health Centre, expressed her pleasure at the positive public response to this promotion. “We tested 100 people the week before last!” She further encouraged others to come out and be tested so that they could manage their condition if need be.

Nursing Assistant at the Enhams Health Centre Theresa McLean stressed how important it is for individuals to regulate their diet, medication and exercise in order to control your blood pressure and sugar levels.

Representatives from the Nutrition Unit promoted the benefits of being within the health weight range for one’s height, and provided advice on how to overcome and prevent obesity. Lafleur Burgin also expressed her pleasure at the favourable reaction from the public. “There has been a very good public response!”

The Health Promotion Unit representatives, led by Celoy Nichols, extolled the necessity of pap smears, mammograms, and testicle and prostate examinations. Nichols encouraged passers-by to read the literature available so that they could “understand the changes that may occur inside the body.” She explained that regular check-ups can result in early detection of certain types of cancer, and early detection can increase one’s chances of survival.

Additionally, there were female condom demonstrations. Nichols particularly encouraged women to get to grips with this form of contraception (and STD prevention) because it puts them in charge. “Have control over your sexual activity,” she urged.

Courts ‘Customer Celebration’ promotion is set to run from April 11th until May 21st.