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SVG gets Tamiflu medicine

SVG gets Tamiflu medicine


Vincentians can rest more easily, with the arrival in the State of 400 doses of the medicine TAMIFLU, which is one of only two drugs effective in the treatment of Swine flu.{{more}}

Dr. Michael Bunbury, of the Mustique Medical Trust, received a special delivery from the ROCHE Company of 400 doses of TAMIFLU from the manufacturer in Switzerland. On Wednesday, these drugs were donated by a Mustique family, for use in St. Vincent hospitals. The family acted immediately, after it was reported to them that these medicines are difficult to come by and are also very expensive.

Benedict Charles received the medication from Dr. Michael Bunbury of the Mustique Medical Trust, on behalf of Dr St Clair Thomas, Chief Medical Officer and Dr Roger Duncan Medical Officer of Health.

Although the threat of Swine Flu is very small, it is always advisable to be prepared and have the resources at hand, if there is a breakout of the disease.

Swine Flu has been reported to be a mild disease but in rare cases can lead to severe symptoms and pneumonia. In these cases the drug Tamiflu is invaluable, as it prevents the virus from reproducing and will lessen the severity and duration of the illness, while at the same time decreasing its contagiousness.

General advice to prevent the spread of the disease includes:

  •  Stay at home if you develop a fever with chills, headache, cough and sneezing.
  •  Wash hands frequently especially if you come in contact with someone with a fever.
  •  Use a disposable Kleenex to cover the nose and mouth when coughing/sneezing.
  •  Drink plenty of water and take Paracetamol for any associated fever.
  •  If you consider the illness to be of a severe nature, contact your family Doctor, especially if there are underlying health problems such as lung disease, Asthma, Heart Disease and Diabetes.