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St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. adds Captain Bligh XO rum

St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. adds Captain Bligh XO rum


St. Vincent Distillers Ltd launched its new, award-winning Captain Bligh XO rum brand, locally at the Grenadine House on Wednesday, 6th May, 2009.{{more}}

This latest addition to the lineup of the 81-year-old St. Vincent distillery, which is renowned for its world-famous Sunset brand overproof rum, comes in a stylish box aimed at consumers, of high quality, aged rum. It is currently available at retail outlets nationwide.

In March, 2009, Captain Bligh won a gold medal at the 4th annual Polished Palate International Rum Competition, held at the historic Ritz complex in Tampa, Florida’s fashionable Ybor City. The competition featured an international panel of judges who sampled, evaluated and compared 53 of the finest rums and other spirits, to select this year’s honour roll.

Captain Bligh is a consistent Gold Medal award winner in rum tasting competitions around the world.

“With its new, smooth taste and improved packaging, Captain Bligh XO Rum is a product that hotels, restaurants and bars, can proudly offer their customers,” said Phillippa Greaves, of the Export/Promotions Department at St. Vincent Distillers. “Captain Bligh XO is a local product of high quality, aged and blended to perfection.”

It is well known, Greaves added, that when tourists travel to a foreign country, they prefer to drink a local beverage at the bar. “This is where Captain Bligh XO can be proudly offered,” she says. “It is a win/win situation: for the hotel/restaurant, for visiting tourists and also for St. Vincent, because it is a locally distilled product, keeps the revenue in the country, and provides employment.”

St. Vincent Distillers, Ltd. is located at Mount Bentick on the north windward side of St. Vincent. The company has been in continuous operation for over 70 years. Recently, the operation has been undergoing a modernization under the direction of General Manager Ken Greaves. New stainless steel vats are just one of the many upgrades carried out at the Distillery.