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Junior Customs Officers on 8-week course

Junior Customs Officers on 8-week course


Sixteen junior Customs officers are presently being trained for possible promotion in the public service.{{more}}

An opening ceremony for the 8th Junior Customs Officers Promotion course, was held at the Service Commissions Training Room on Monday, April 20, 2009. The eight-week course also seeks to improve the officers’ skills in other areas.

Delivering brief remarks at the ceremony, Chief Personnel Officer Tyrone Burke, advised the officers to do their best to pass the course. He also urged them to make use of what they will learn during the course. “Whatever you learn, go back (to the workplace) and put it into practice and make a difference,” he said.

Speaking to the Junior Officers, Comptroller of Customs and Excise Grenville John reminded them of their duty to be “honest, hardworking, eager to learn, and not susceptible to bribes” among other things. He also explained that the Customs Department works along with many other departments including the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and the Ozone Unit to ensure this country’s security.

John, who mentioned that a modification of the course started in 2006, stated the changes had been made to facilitate the current modernization that was taking place and continues to take place today.

Giving advice to officers, Burke reminded them of their duty to be honest, tactful, and polite. He also encouraged them to carry the title of a customs officer with pride and honour and “not to involve (themselves) in any practice that will bring shame to (themselves) and (their) family.”

Over the eight weeks of intensive training, the Junior Customs Officers will cover areas such as arrival and boarding of ships and aircraft, classification and valuation of goods, customer service, processing of entries, along with current international issues that impact on customs operations including, border security, intelligence gathering, anti money laundering, risk management principles and integrity standards.

The first Junior Officers Promotion Course occurred back in 1994 and its first induction saw 11 officers trained. (OS)